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Half Doors


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While wheeling through tight trails in the woods and over large rocks I found myself hanging half way out my door window to see around/over the big Ford hood to navigate over the obsticals ahead.  I've seen trucks with the entire door removed but that was a little more than I wanted.  I don't want any trouble with the cops and I would like to keep a little mud off my lap so i decided to make a set of half doors.


I took a set of donor doors off an old parts truck I have in the back 40 so I can keep my good doors whole for the winter.


I wanted to remove as much metal as possible while keeping both hinges, the latch, and inner door handle functional so I took a pneumatic cut off wheel to the back side of the door so I could keep and eye on the door latches and rods.


After I cut out the inner door I drilled holes through the shell to transfer my pattern on the outer side of the door and started cutting.



To support the gaping hole where a door used to be I cut up some scrap 2x4 which fit perfect.  I could have bent up some metel and welded it but I wanted to get them done this summer. 


I had to notch out the wood for the door latch rod so it could operate freely.


I coverd the ugly wood and jaged metal edges with a material called snowskin.  Its used for snowmobile seats so it can take a beating and it cleans up nice with a little armorall.



Check out the view!  I can't forget to wear my seat belt I almost fell right out.


Its like a jeep but Better!