so there we were
more wheelin pics...


Half Doors | Silver Lake | 85's construction | Ice Wall | flexin' | Mulligan Trail 11-01 | Pipeline, WI 11-01 | Alder Creek Trail Feb-02 | 9in spool | more wheelin pics...


here we are on the carpet ride trail in marquette. this little rock area is extremely hard to get up. it is very wet and the rocks are always muddy and slick. and there is no line for a fulsize.




this is an old shot from a couple years ago. the old TTB front end is still in active duty here. snow boggin rules.


here is my vertical travel ramp :)
you can see the solid axle working nicely and a good view of my skid plate. it helps to keep crap out of the engine when it gets deep.


here i am playing around on the "stairway" to the top of Mt. Marquette.